The Evenlode Foundation builds partnerships with charities that make a tangible impact to communities in the short term, with a view to help drive positive systemic change in the long term.

Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures' approach to marine conservation blends science and community-led programmes to help ensure that both planet and people are protected.

500+million people worldwide depend on small-scale fisheries for their livelihoods, yet these fisheries are threatened by marine degradation, over-fishing, and industrial interests. Blue Ventures empowers local communities to rebuild their fisheries, improve their livelihoods and restore marine ecosystems. They have a bold ambition of creating a world where small-scale fishers have bigger catches, better livelihoods, and improved food security.

Having begun in Madagascar two decades ago, Blue Ventures is now working across a dozen countries to design, scale, strengthen and sustain fisheries management and conservation through direct delivery as well as through NGO partnerships as a critical route to scale.