Empowering communities to solve global problems in a sustainable and scalable way


The Evenlode Foundation’s efforts will be focused upon:

  • Partnering with charities over the long-term
  • Investing in innovative companies
  • Working with local communities

About Us

The Evenlode Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Evenlode Investment Management which aims to promote positive outcomes for individuals and the environment.

The Foundation, which was established in 2021, organises and oversees the philanthropic activities that express the values of Evenlode and its employees. It engages with charities and companies that work towards addressing global challenges within areas such as climate change, nature, poverty, inequality, science, education and sustainability.

The Foundation's philanthropic and investment activities are fully funded by Evenlode Investment Management Limited and do not utilise any client funds. The Evenlode Impact investment portfolios are unavailable to external investors.

The content of the Evenlode Foundation section of the website has been provided for information purposes and does not represent a recommendation to invest in any particular asset class, security or strategy or a recommendation to buy or sell securities.

Charitable Giving

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